The curriculum applied in schools is prepared through planning, arrangements which include objectives, content, and teaching materials along with how to use them as guidelines for organizing learning activities to achieve specific and general educational goals for students and all school members.


Dhony Hestung Gitomo, S.E.

Principal of Cahaya Rancamaya Junior High School

Sandra Susanto, S.Ag., M.Pd.I.

Principal of Cahaya Rancamaya Senior High School

  1. Aqidah and Akhlaq Orientation :

  • Aqidah and Akhlaq education based on the Al-Quran and Hadits.
  • Tahfiz and Tahsin Intensive Program.
  • Islamic Studies (halaqah).

  1. Global Orientation :

  • Teaching system with three languages of instruction : Indonesian, English (for science and math subjects) and Arabic.    
  • Cooperation with the NILE Arabic Center from Cairo, Egypt for the development of Arabic learning.
  • International standard textbooks (for the subjects of Science, Mathematics, English, and Arabic).
  • Blended learning method, which is a learning method that combines face-to-face meetings with online materials in harmony.
  • Preparation for entrance examinations for state universities (UTBK/SBMPTN) and foreign universities.

  1. Oriented to the student learning process and producing achievements

  • Training and coaching for science, sport, and art olympiads.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Character building through harmonzation of heart, sense, mind and body.

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