M Darrel Azmi T Successfully won the I2CYMS 2021 event.


Ahead of the start of the 2021/2022 Academic Year, another international achievement was made by Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School students.

Muhammad Darrel Azmi Tauhid won a GOLD MEDAL at the International Invention Competition For Young Moslem Scientist (I2CYMS) 2021.

Darrel (class XII-IPA) made a research for the Physics category at the high school level with the title “Synthesis of Carbon Nanodots Using Anthocyanin Pigments and Its Application As Light Emitting Polymer” and was able to present it very well in front of the judges.

The International Invention Competition for Young Moslem Scientist (I2CYMS) is a competition organized by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association in collaboration with Gunung Jati State Islamic University (UIN) Bandung. This event is one of the largest scientific writing competitions in Indonesia aimed at finding talented students in the field of science from elementary school, high school to university level.

This competition provides an opportunity for participants to create and demonstrate science projects that can contribute to the world. This event was attended by various participants from 15 countries, including Indonesia, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Morocco, Malaysia, and other countries.

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