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Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School continues to strive to create a golden generation who loves the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, has good character, is intelligent, has global insight and is cultured. SMPSMA Cahaya Rancamaya included in the list of the best schools in Bogor, West Java because the role of the teachers is not only to teach, but also to inspire all students to become people who are always motivated to excel.

  • Character Building
  • Digital Classroom (Chromebook)
  • College Counseling
  • STEAM Education
  • Future Sociopreuner
  • College Counseling
  • University Entrance Preparation

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  • Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic School is about creating bonds and maintaining positive relationships that aspire to inspire the progress of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, explore the potential depths of the Muslim youth generation, and achieve success.
  • Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic School is a school that has been accredited with an A (Superior) predicate from the Badan Akreditasi Sekolah (BAS) for both junior high and high school levels.
  • The advantage of our tahfiz and tahsin programs is that it is mandatory for students while in school and dormitory with an effective method so that students can easily memorize verses, letters in the Qur’an, but the most important thing about memorizing is understanding and practice every content of the Qur’an. We strive to meet these needs with a learning approach that can be carried out by all students with our professional teachers intensively.
  • Arabic is the language of the Al-Quran Al-Karim. Therefore, by learning Arabic, students are expected not only to memorize the Al-Qur’an, but also to understand the meaning of its contents and to be able to practice it in daily life. In addition, Arabic is the official international language used in international forums (December 18, 1973, the United Nations (UN) inaugurated Arabic as the official language of the United Nations. Therefore, the need to learn Arabic is very important for its learners. In learning Arabic, we collaborate with an Arabic language institution that has an international reputation, namely the NILE educational institution from Egypt.
  • In schools, Indonesian is used as the language of instruction for Indonesian language and social studies subjects. English is used as the language of instruction for the learning process in the fields of science and mathematics.
  • Building student character is focused on all aspects of learning at the Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic School. Character education or morals is applied as Islamic morals, namely morals that are sourced from the teachings of Allah and His Messenger, through the Qur’an and Hadith. In practicing it, one of which is our effort to increase students’ empathy and awareness in building a culture that is of concern to the wider community today, namely through social solidarity activities and activities at both local and global levels.
  • Our alumni are spread across many well-known state universities in Indonesia and also abroad. Preparation for entering college is one of the flagship programs that will guide students to reach the desired university. Preparation for admission to higher education (UTBK/SBMPTN) is held intensively with the guidance of experienced teachers.
  • At Cahaya Rancamaya school, the spirit to motivate students to achieve achievements is always encouraged by various trainings, such as structured National and International Science Competition training. The spirit of being ready to compete is instilled in students not only in the field of science, but also in other fields such as religion (MTQ, Arabic, etc.), sports, and cultural arts with the guidance of experienced teachers.  
  • Student success can only be achieved with strong ties and partnerships between school and home. Our collaborative approach develops a sense of value and belonging, creates trust and strengthens strong relationships based on the principle of mutual respect. The homeroom visit program to the parents’ homes to hold a dialogue about the development of their children has become an effective means of communication for the two institutions that determine children’s development, namely home and school.
  • Academic excellence can be enhanced by cultivating students’ interests and abilities outside the classroom through a wide selection of student activities, sports, recreation and culture together.
  • To foster students’ interest in reading and writing, Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic School has several activities that can spur it on. Reading time is always provided every day in class together with their respective homeroom teachers. In addition, reading camp activities are a means to realize the success of the school literacy program. At the end of the semester, students and teachers together carry out a series of reading camp activities in quiet places that support the purpose of the activity.
  • Learning with the STEAM approach is contextual learning, where students are invited to understand phenomena that occur close to themselves and their environment. The STEAM approach encourages students to learn to explore all their abilities, in their own way. The STEAM approach aims to bring out the unique and unexpected work of each individual or group of students. In addition, collaboration, cooperation and communication will appear in the learning process because this approach is carried out in groups. The STEAM learning model at Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School also aims to prepare students to take part in Olympic projects both at national and international levels.

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