Always Share by Maximizing Self-Potential

The best humans are those who benefit others. The beauty of life is realized when we give and certainly care for each other. There are many things we can give and many ways we can share with fellow humans.

Like what was done by students of SMP and SMA Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School at the end of January 2024, precisely on January 27th, Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School again held a Virtual Charity Concert event which aims to collect as many donations as possible from donors, which will then be distributed to our friends who need it.

At this event, there were many performances that had been prepared by the students and of course mentored directly by the extraordinary homeroom teachers and dormitory supervisors. Such as performances of Drama, Poetry, Choir, Band, Vocal Group, Hadroh, Traditional Music Collaboration.

Apart from aiming to foster a social spirit and helping each other for students, this activity also has many other goals and positive impacts, including training students’ spirit and spirit of cooperation, discipline and hard work, leadership, as well as fostering self-confidence when appearing in public. . Of course, with this event, students can also directly apply the learning they have received in class.

Alhamdulillah, from this activity which lasted for 3 hours,  a donation of Rp. 26,634,700 was collected from donors. Thank you to the donors, Good People and of course Cahaya Rancamaya Friends who have set aside some of their wealth and always support the events held by Cahaya Rancamaya School. Of course, to the middle and high school students and the teams who have presented many performances, I hope that what has been done and attempted will be a practice that will bring us the pleasure of Allah SWT and that what we have given can be useful and what we have given can be useful and beneficial for those in need and certainly receive the best reward from Allah SWT.

“You don’t have to wait to be great and rich before you can share and give, because in essence it is sharing that will make us great and rich.” (Harmain)


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