Distribution of PTS Report Cards at Cahaya Rancamaya IBS

Hello CR friends, how are you? I hope you are always healthy and of course, don’t forget to be happy. Without realizing it, time passed so quickly, that suddenly the mid-semester assessment (PTS) was over.

So, talking about PTS, at your school, have you taken the PTS results report yet?

If so, what is the situation like when distributing PTS report cards? Dreadful and stressful because the grades are less than optimal? But, at our school, Mimin couldn’t possibly feel tension, where else if not at Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School.

During the Moment for Taking PTS Report Cards last weekend, Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School was very exciting and very excited, it didn’t feel like I was going to take a report card, so I would forget about the lack of results. This is because at the entrance we and our parents were immediately presented with an Exhibition of the work of P5 from the students of Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School Middle & High School.

In the P5 Work Degree program, students, teachers, and parents were very enthusiastic about seeing the results of the student’s work, and there were lots of works displayed with various themes that had been prepared by the students and assisted by the teachers, such as in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Style‚ÄĒSustainable Living, Technology and Engineering, and also Culture and Local Wisdom.

Apart from being able to see works in the form of art, we all can also buy products from P5 such as food, t-shirts, and goody bags. While walking around, visitors will also be treated to live musical entertainment from high school friends who present an ethnic band performance with a selection of regional songs and Of course, using regional musical instruments. So, can you imagine the excitement and excitement of the moment when PTS report cards were distributed at CRIBS School? So there wasn’t a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, I hope CR’s friends’ school is also fun.


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