Learn from Something That Seems Useless

There are many ways for us to continue learning, and a lot of knowledge that we can learn anytime and anywhere. Because learning doesn’t have to always be sitting in a chair and being in a classroom.

Sometimes we can learn from things that are very trivial or can be useless and maybe even disgusting for some people. However, if we have the enthusiasm and determination to continue learning, there will always be new things and new experiences that we can take away, which will never be in vain for us in the future.

Recently the MGMP Social team at Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School, in collaboration with the Bogor City Environmental Service, invited high school students to visit directly the waste management site for both organic and inorganic waste. There they are taught how to process organic and inorganic waste to become a business that can earn rupiah, of course, based on the experience of highly competent Bogor City Environmental Service staff.

There is a lot of information and new knowledge that they can get from this program, such as steps for good and correct waste management, products that can be produced from existing waste, and even marketing targets that can be achieved from processed waste products.

So that after participating in the Waste Bank Visit Program, students will have a new mindset and understanding regarding waste, where up until now they have always considered waste as useless and even disgusting piles, now their views have changed armed with the knowledge and experience gained from the program so that in the future it is hoped that the young generation and Indonesian students will be wiser in always protecting the environment by starting with good and efficient waste management. (Harmain)


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