SCIENCE WEEKS Event for Implementing Theory into Reality

at the end of April 2024, Cahaya Rancamaya School once again hosted an exciting and surprising event, Science Week 2.0.  Initiated by the CR IPA MGMP team, the event featured two types of competitions: Rocket Water and Pedal Car.

In the competition which was held on Saturday 26 April 2024, there were many Rocket Water and Pedal Car creations which were participated by participants representing each class. Of course with extraordinary quality and excellence. What are the advantages and excitement, just watch it on the Cahaya Rancamaya school YouTube channel.

The event aimed to accommodate creativity and collaboration among the students, which turned out to be thrilling and vibrant. Because there are so many exciting things that are beyond the predictions of both the participants and the organizers. This happened when the launch of the Water Rocket and Pedal Car took place.

In any competition, there will be winners and losers, but the primary objective of the event was not merely to determine who won or lost. It was about providing students with the opportunity and experience to apply scientific knowledge and theories acquired in the classroom to the real world.


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