Upgrading Achievements for the Second Participation in the Pharmanova ITB Event

In the second year of its participation in the Pharmanova ITB Olympiad event, Cahaya Rancamaya Islamic Boarding School succeeded in upgrading its achievements in the annual event held by the ITB School of Pharmacy, where in the first year of participating in the competition the OSCAR team had to be satisfied with achieving 2nd place, but on the occasion This time, thank God, thanks to the evaluation and learning from the previous year’s shortcomings, the OSCAR team, through its 3 representatives, namely Baruna Adi Sanjaya (Grade 11), Narendra Aditya Tanoto (Grade 11) and Muhammad Zayyan Fairuz (Grade 10) managed to win first place at the annual event held since 2019.

Reaching this stage was not an easy feat, as they had to go through several selection processes. It began with individual problem-solving selection in various subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Pharmacy), followed by an essay section, and concluded with a Quiz Contest in the final stage, which brought together the 5 finalist teams from across Indonesia.

The extraordinary composition of the team, with highly proficient abilities in their respective fields, was one of the crucial factors that greatly supported their success in this competition. Additionally, the presence of team members with diverse academic backgrounds was another strength of the team. Many of the finalists present had teams consisting of only one or two subject areas, whereas the presence of Zayyan and Baruna, with their expertise in Physics, provided significant support to the team, as stated by Baruna.

Hopefully, in the future the OSCAR team will be able to maintain the achievements they have obtained and improve their other achievements.


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